Share Registry

To manage your holding, contact our share registry Boardroom

Boardroom Pty Ltd

1300 737 760 (inside Australia) or
+61 2 9290 9600 (outside Australia)


Operated by Boardroom, InvestorServe is a secure website where you can log in or register to view information on your holding, and link multiple holdings and/or investors to create a portfolio view. You can also update the following details:

Contact details

Email address and phone number.

Communication elections

If you do not provide an election, you will only receive hardcopy shareholder communications required to be posted to you by law.

Banking instructions

To select future dividend cash payments to be paid via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).

Tax File Number / Australian Business Number (TFN/ABN) and / or Exemption Codes

If you are an Australian resident or subject to Australia’s taxation laws, it is in your interest to provide your Tax File Number or Australian Business Number.

Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) and Common Reporting Standards (CRS)

Investors are required to make a self-certification as to their tax residency.

For certain steps, you may require your HIN (if CHESS) / SRN (if Issuer Sponsored). This number is found on your holding statement.


VGI Partners Global Investments Limited (ASX:VG1) has established a Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP). Enrolment in the Plan is voluntary and the Plan rules are available here. All shareholders of VG1 with an Australian or New Zealand address on VG1’s register are eligible to participate in the DRP. Eligible shareholders may elect full or partial participation in the DRP, subject to a minimum participation level of at least 2,000 VG1 shares.  If you would like to participate you may submit your election online via InvestorServe (Payment Instructions > Reinvestments & Donations). Alternatively, please download the PDF of the Form (available here) and return to VG1’s registry by email ( or post.