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Dividend Policy: The investment strategy’s primary objectives are focused on capital preservation and generating superior risk adjusted returns over the long term. Subject to Board approval, the Company currently intends to pay two fully franked dividends each year at a level that it expects to maintain and grow over the longer term. The most recent dividend (declared in February 2021) was 1.5c per share.


Payment DateDividend per Share (A$)Australian FrankingDRP Price (A$)More Information
17 Mar 2021$0.015Fully @ 30%$2.179501H21 Dividend
23 Sep 2020$0.015Fully @ 30%$1.8726052H20 Dividend
3 Apr 2020$0.01Fully @ 30%$2.064201H20 Dividend


VG1 Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRP): Enrolment in the Plan is voluntary and the Plan rules are available here. All shareholders of VG1 with an Australian or New Zealand address on VG1’s register are eligible to participate in the DRP. Eligible shareholders may elect full or partial participation in the DRP, subject to a minimum participation level of at least 2,000 VG1 shares.  If you would like to participate you may submit your election online via InvestorServe (Payment Instructions > Reinvestments & Donations). Alternatively, please download the PDF of the Form (available here) and return to VG1’s registry by email ( or post.

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Request a copy of the latest Zenith research for the Company. Available to AFSL holders and their authorised representatives only.


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